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    Rules on server


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    Rules on server

    Post by uzicheetos on Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:04 am

    MOTD rules

    1. Don't ghost (helping hunters when dead).
    2. don't mic or chat spam. You will be gagged and/or muted.
    3. Props MUST taunt once a minute.
    4. Stay within the map. Don't go outside the map.
    5. Do not hide under textures (ex. snow, within wood, ect...).
    6. Props must be seeable and shootable, must be both not one or the other.
    7. Respect staff ruling on illegal spots.
    8. Do not constantly team switch. Only switch teams to even out the teams or be with friends.
    9. No cheating/hacks. You will be banned.
    10. No porn or gore sprays. (keep them covered)
    11. Try not to go afk for more than about 10 minutes.
    12. Spectator is for staff and people needing to go afk. (ex. food, bathroom, ect....)
    13. Don't be a douchebag
    14. ZERO tolerance to rule breakers.


    1. Do not advertise other servers.
    2. Staff should not be overly abusing commands to their advantage.
    3. Do not be begging for points/items, your most likely not going to get them.

    More to be added as they come up.

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