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    Donation guide


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    Donation guide

    Post by uzicheetos on Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:40 am

    This will be a guide to show you how to go about donating to the server.

    Step 1:Go to this shit here >>>>

    Step 2:Place your email in the first box

    Step 3:Put 5 in the second box as it is a minimum of $5

    Step 4:On the "Optional note to recipient" place you steam profile url/steam id in this box so that we know who you are.

    Step 5:Click the card you wish to use via credit/debit or paypal


    Step 1:Go to

    Step 2:Click pay or send money

    Step 3:Send $5 to

    Step 4:Leave note of who you are via steam profile url/steam id

    steam ids can be found -

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